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Online Guide
Online Guide
Online Guide
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Online Guide
Online Guide

General Listing of Material Covered
The gambling and betting world is full of oppurtunities. Recently with the developement of the Internet the gamblingand betting world has been able to move Online. Sports industries have invested massive amounts of dollars to establish online betting systems, and believe me, there are some of these betting systems are out there on the Net, and believe me, they work! With this new potential gambling market, the online industry, there is a new variety of risks and oppurtunities. By becoming more knowledgeable you will better be able to prepare yourself for what is out there, and you will soon be able to enjoy or profit by your online gambling industry, if you are not already. So take your time, bookmark this page, and refer back to it as you need to. My biggest concern is keeping you from getting ripped off! I have seen this happen to many people and I want it to cease to continue!

Setting Your Expectations

You should set very high expectations for an online gambling or betting site. After all, you are transfering YOUR money from YOUR account over to THEIR account, ONLINE, until you decide to cash in your winnings or losses. Expect a completely automated procedure from the online casino or betting site. I also strongly recommend obtaining the postal adress of the site, as well as a telephone number that you will want to call up before you establish an account. Expect the site to be within the United States, that way it is bound by legal obligations to fulfill its side of the gambling agreement (i.e. you gamble and win money, they actually give it to you). There was an incident site popular about a year ago, called CYBERTHRILL CASINO, located somewhere in Jamaca. They would take your money, both webmasters who advertised for them and people who actually used their casino, and would just rip you off, never paying anything back. The only problem is that our goverenment (United States' Government)couldn't do anything about it because it was located in a foreign country. Basically just set very high standards for your gambling or betting site and investigate anything you find suspicious.

Clues to Respectable Gambling Sites

Believe it or not, there are some established, respectable Online Casinos and Betting Sites out there. The trick is finding them. One of the first things you should look for is to see if the site is located in the United States. The U.S. has laws that proctects you from online theft, and it is a plus but not required to work with a site that is located here. Another good clue to a reputable site is one that contains references from other people or companies saying good things about their site. A company that has their adress and phone number on their page is also a positive thing to be on the lookout for. Be sure to check for evidence of customer assistance and payment options. Another excellent feature is if the signing up of your account and all of your personal information takes place over a secure server. You can tell if you're using a secure server because you will see a little yellow lock either in the lower right of left hadn corner of your browser window. Secure servers minimize the chance of your account numbers getting hacked into and stolen. Finally just use common sense, if a site does not look professional or it looks hastily thrown together do not use it!You have nothing to lose if you dont set up an account!

Warnings Signs to Beware

There are many warning signs for sites that are headed by potential theifs. Become aware of them, and possibly save yourself the money and the headache of being lured into one of their scams. I cannot stress this enough, but a big warning sign is if the casino is not located in the United States you need to use extreme caution. You have no laws protecting you if it is located outside of the country. Another biggee is if the casino accepts cash or checks. I have never come across any reputable casino that takes cash or check. Another thing to beware of is if the casino does not offer software available for you to download before you actually begin making transactions with them. Sites that claim do run purely off of java or other script language are a very big thing to beware of. I suggest not even experimenting with them, but it is your money. Sites that do not operate on a secure server you should always steer free from. While not all online gambling/betting sites that have a secure server are reputable, and not all sites that do not have them are not reputable, a secure server is definately something you want in an online casino or betting site. Another overlooked but prospective warning sign is NEW sites. Sites that claim to have just been established are sometimes scams, you need to use caution when considering "New" Casino or Betting sites.

Paying/Receiving Cold, Hard Cash

When you get right down to it, payment is a big issue. I've already discussed using a secure server so I wont go into that any further. Over 95% of the reputable online gambling casinos or betting sites offer their payment options via credit card. Under no circumstances do you send check, money order, or cash to any casino. Other options include wiring existing accounts into it (although not recommended) or through some money sending program, such as WESTERN UNION. Withdrawl options are similar but also different. Casinos or betting sites normally dont send out checks or money orders. Your most common option is via credit card. Other accepted ways are through bank drafts or wire transfers. Just remember to do this through a secure server.

Reputable Betting/Gambling Sites

Here are a few respectable sites which may interest you. I have not personally used them, but I have heard positive comments about them. Enjoy and remember to exercise caution!

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Copyright 1999 by the webmaster All rights reserved. This document may not be copied in part or full without express written permission from me. All violations may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This document does not garuntee success in online gambling and betting, but I believe that if you fully apply yourself you can have a profitable experience